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Mastering Event Success in Thailand: A Comprehensive Guide to VIPLANNER's 3 Key Stages

When planning an event or party in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, we are talking about planning something worthwhile. It is not just shabbily throwing a very average party that manages to take note of some elements. No. At least, VIPLANNER does not agree with that notion. And because of that, we are giving you a sneak peek into VIPLANNER’s three key stages of planning an event.

It is our hope that you will be set and ready for your next big event in Thailand right after equipping yourself with all the valuable knowledge you are about to acquire.

Welcome to Partyland, Thailand -Art by VIPLANNER
Welcome To The Land Of Party, Thailand -Art by VIPLANNER

The Three Key Stages of Planning an Event, Party or Wedding in Thailand by VIPLANNER

VIPLANNER- Party and Wedding in Thailand
VIPLANNER- Party and Wedding in Thailand

Designing your party and event here in Thailand

Apart from events and parties, almost everything else we do requires designing; for example, a car manufacturer will have to come up with a car design before anything else, just like a fashion designer will design a cloth before sewing. In the same vein, you need a design for your party or event regardless of its size. It is at this stage that you set your goals, objectives and budgets. It is at this stage you decide what the party is for and why you are throwing it in the first place.

Is it a celebration of love, like a wedding party, honeymoon party, wedding anniversary, proposal, or a business event, like fundraiser, a product lunch, or a casual party like a birthday party or hangout party? You decide that at this point. It is also at this stage that you draw up a budget for the kind of party or event that you want. These three crucial things (objectives, goals and budgets) form the tenet of the designing stage, according to VIPLANNER.

Organizing your party and event here in Thailand

In this stage, VIPLANNER opines that it is appropriate to organize all the things needed to kickstart the party. This can include booking the venue to be used, testing the sound, the visuals, the lights, the cameras, setting the stage, decorations, chairs, walkway, red carpet, putting in place the security men, protocols, caterers, makeup artists and so on. It is also at this stage that you take into account attending guests, special guests of honor and so on. In a nutshell, the organizing stage is the stage where you gather everything together in preparation for the event or party proper.

Managing your party and event here in Thailand

The management stage is an ongoing and procedural process that checksmates the activities of your event or party in real time. Are things going as planned? What contingency plans are in place just in case anything deviates from the plan? All these questions beg for answers in the management stage.

Now that you know VIPLANNER’s three key stages of planning an event, you should be geared up to plan yours already. However, if you want a more professional touch on your wedding, event or party in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya, please contact VIPLANNER now.


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